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About Richard Koek

Dutch-Argentinean photographer Richard Koek is a visual storyteller. He shares his love of New York City and the people that live there by communicating with them through the lens.

His sensibility for the complicated life in New York shows in his photo’s, which are rather than a decisive moment, an encouragement to viewers to form their own interpretation of his work. Every picture becomes a new narrative, unique to its beholder.

Richard Koek (Ilpendam, 1965) decided to give up his profession as a tax lawyer to pursue his passion for photography in New York City. His work has featured in renowned titles including Interview Magazine, Stern, The New York Times and The New York Review of Books. Richard Koek lives in New York and Amsterdam, working for various international publications, companies and non-profit organizations, and has been purchased by The National Archives of Holland, The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Royal Tropical Institute of Amsterdam.
 He has exhibited work at the Photoville Festival in NYC and Fotofestival Naarden in The Netherlands.
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“I realized that Koek’s pictures have become part of my visual memory of New York City. That is a little strange, since it is not limited to my own memories, but includes Koek’s way of portraying the city. This city is very much a part of our collective memories, memories that Koek keeps vivid, evolving and alive with his indelible images.”

Erik van Ginkel, Managing Director, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

“Richard has a unique eye for the still astonishing diversity of New Yorkers, natives or transplants. A transplant himself, there’s no denying the power of Richard’s personal vision of the city he has made his home. His evident talent and the works’ singularity speak for themselves.”

Julia Gruen, Executive Director, Keith Haring Foundation, New York, NY

July 2016 Koek had his solo exhibition debut at SENASPACE NYC. The show has been curated by Julia Gruen and Erik van Ginkel.

His first monograph New York  New York will be published by Terra in 2018.

He currently works in Brooklyn, New York and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
(photo: ©Rene Clement)

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